Academic Affairs Committee

At the beginning of each academic year, the committee will meet with the Provost to review emerging academic issues, to discuss priorities for the agenda in the year ahead, and to plan for ad hoc assignments pertaining to academic affairs. The committee will be responsible for all issues pertaining to matters of curricular and academic program review and will be responsible for the Senate’s role in the creation and elimination of academic programs. The committee will formulate policies affecting faculty in the performance of their duties; consider policies and offer advice pertaining to student admissions, graduation, and enrollment; and oversee work relating to student assessment and academic program evaluation.

(Note: Guidelines for submitting academic proposals to the Faculty Senate for approval, and an overview of the process, are located in the "Submission Guidelines" folder in the embeded "Documents" Box.)

Minutes and Documents


George Cohen

Academic Affairs Committee Chair

Brokaw Professor of Corporate Law
School of Law

Michael Atchison

Professor of Commerce
McIntire School of Commerce

Aaron Bloomfield

Associate Professor
School of Engineering and Applied Science

Donna Chen

Associate Professor of Health Sciences
School of Medicine

David Eddy Spicer

Associate Professor
Curry School of Education

Jay Fox

School of Medicine

Alexander Horniman

Killgallon Ohio Art Professor of Business Administration
Darden School of Business

James Kinney

College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Kathryn Laughon

Associate Professor of Nursing
School of Nursing

Stephen Levine

Associate Professor of Interdisplinary Studiess
School of Continuing & Professional Studies

Paul Martin

Assistant Professor of Public Policy, General Faculty
Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

Cedric Williams

Professor of Psychology
College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Margaret Plews-Ogan

Associate Professor
School of Medicine

Karen Van Lengen

William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Architecture
School of Architecture

Peter Brunjes

Ex Officio

Commonwealth Professor of Psychology
College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Margaret Riley

Ex Officio

Professor, General Faculty
School of Law

Alfred Weaver

Ex Officio

Professor and Associate Chair of Computer Science; Founding Director, Applied Research Institute
School of Engineering and Applied Science

Cheryl Carroll

Ex Officio

Manager of Academic Compliance

Laura Hawthorne

Ex Officio

University Registrar

Archie Holmes, Jr.

Ex Officio

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Thomas Katsouleas

Ex Officio

Executive Vice President and Provost