Collaboration, Communication, & Engagement Committee

The committee serves the Faculty Senate and the University community as a bridge connecting various constituencies by planning meetings, facilitating conversations, and empowering leaders to move forward in support of University-wide initiatives and shared governance. Recognized leaders from each of the eleven schools, along with the current Senate Chairs, make up this team of strategic thinkers and doers. Composed of both sitting Senators and faculty at large, this team brings together strong leaders with a global vision who stand for our mutual goals across schools and among faculties. Intended to be a think tank meeting two or three times per term, together this team will brainstorm University-wide strategies to lead the Faculty Senate forward. The agenda will be set in response to current challenges with pro-active commitment to successful exchange.



Alfred Weaver

Ex Officio

Professor and Associate Chair of Computer Science; Founding Director, Applied Research Institute
School of Engineering and Applied Science

Peter Brunjes

Ex Officio

Commonwealth Professor of Psychology
College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Margaret Riley

Ex Officio

Professor, General Faculty
School of Law