Policy Committee

This committee reviews and advises the administration regarding proposals for new and revised policies propagated through (1) the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost (2) the University Policy Review Committee (UPRC) chaired by the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. The chair of the Policy Committee also serves as the Faculty Senate’s representative on the UPRC. The Policy Committee solicits input in the review process from other faculty members including Senators and the General Faculty Council. This committee and the associated policy review process were initiated in 2006 following the Senate’s adoption of a resolution recommending a 30-day period for public comment on proposed changes in University policies.



Alfred Weaver

Ex Officio

Professor and Associate Chair of Computer Science; Founding Director, Applied Research Institute
School of Engineering and Applied Science

Peter Brunjes

Ex Officio

Commonwealth Professor of Psychology
College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Margaret Riley

Ex Officio

Professor, General Faculty
School of Law