Draft Time Place Manner Policy and Procedures

Margaret F. Riley — Feb. 16, 2018

Dear Colleagues:

As I discussed at the last full Senate meeting, the Deans Working Group has been working on potential Time Place Manner provisions that apply to unaffiliated persons’ access to University Property. The latest draft of those provisions is posted here. For those of you who were not present at the Senate meeting, I want to assure you that these provisions are not intended to restrict free speech.   As Dean Goluboff said recently :  “From its founding, the University of Virginia has been dedicated to the ideal of free and open inquiry.  This draft policy is intended to promote that ideal by creating a content-neutral framework for welcoming robust nonviolent speech on Grounds.”  Moreover, these provisions will not change how students, faculty and staff currently use University facilities and property for speech and protest.

This is an amendment to an existing policy, PRM-017: Use of University Facilities, Property, and Limits on Direct Solicitation and Advertising.  The amendment concerns access to University Property by Unaffiliated Persons, i.e. (2)(b) of the attached draft.  The last page provides the procedures being considered in conjunction with those changes.  Since our discussion at the Faculty Senate, the Deans Working Group has decided to open up the question of where the designated spaces should be.  Considerations for such designated spaces include the ability to adequately police the space, and proximity to housing, classrooms or patient access.  To pass Constitutional requirements, the spaces also cannot be too remote from more frequented areas of the campus. Suggestions for potential designated areas would be especially helpful although we would greatly appreciate any comments about the amendments.

The Deans Working Group is currently meeting with students and other stakeholders to discuss the proposed policy changes and get suggestions and comments.  Please share the draft policy with your constituents and help us engage the whole community in this discussion.  Comments and suggestions can be sent to:  You can also send questions, comments etc. to me or Alf directly.

Mimi Riley (Immediate Past Chair, Faculty Senate)