EXCO Meeting Friday, March 1, 2024

EXCO Meeting

Present in person: Michael Kennedy, Jim Lambert, Aaron Bloomfield, Amanda Flora, Sue Saliba, Jeri Seidman, Brian Wright, Alan Beckenstein, Lisa Colsosi Peterson, Kim Aquaviva (guest), Maite Brandt-Pearce (guest), Jim Norton (guest)
Zoom: Michelle Kisliuk, Andy Pennock, Brian Pusser, Eric Ramirez-Weaver, Jason Druzgal, Bradly Kesser, Patrik Sandas
Absent: Tish Jennings, Ian Baucom, Carol Manning, Jim Ryan

Meeting called to order at 2:05 pm

Minutes: Chair Kennedy doesn’t have minutes so those will be approved at a later date.

AAC Updates: Senators Saliba and Wright detailed the two proposals considered at the recent AAC meeting. Both were approved by the AAC. The Architecture School proposal can follow the streamlined process; Senator Saliba will email to the Full Senate soon. The School of Nursing proposal requires Full Senate consideration. Senator Bloomfield moved to put it on the agenda for the next full Senate meeting; Senator Beckenstein seconded. Approved by unanimous voice/hand vote.

Salary Survey: Ms. Brandt-Pearce narrated the draft presentation of results of the recent University Salary Study. The results will be communicated to all faculty soon; she asked ExCo for feedback on how to most effectively do so. Conversation ensued with many Senators providing feedback on the history of salary studies at UVA, the ordering of information, the level of statistical background and analysis to include in the presentation, the research process, the actions to be taken given the results, alternative (graphical) ways to present the results, etc. Ms. Brandt-Pearce received the feedback. No action taken.

Further discussion of Senate purpose and possibly bylaw change: Chair Kennedy moved this agenda item to the next EXCO because that discussion is not time sensitive.

SDAC updates: Chair Kennedy updated EXCO on the committee’s work. The discussion is time sensitive in order to be able to make a resource request to the Provost. Chair Kennedy presented various statistics that are being used to try to determine where resources are best needed. Conversation ensued regarding how we fit with our peers both in terms of FTEs to support as well as the level of SDAC need, how to best document the need in terms of Schools vs. University-level, etc. Chair Kennedy received the feedback. No action taken.

Other business: Senator Kisliuk highlighted the new advising system that will be implemented in the fall and concerns that this work will unduly fall to AGF faculty. Ms. Flores concurred. No action taken.

Meeting adjourned at 4:01. Senator Bloomfield moved to adjourn; Senator Saliba seconded.