Faculty Senate Listening Session

Faculty Welfare

How Are You Doing These Days?

The Faculty Senate invites you to join a Listening Session
Thursday, November 12th ~ 5-6 pm

We want to hear from you about the issues you are facing

Discussion topics to include:
Child care, Retirement, Impact of COVID-19, and Wellness
All University of Virginia Faculty are Welcome!

We will be joined by representatives from HR, the Provost’s office, Faculty Guide and others to help answer questions and provide wellness resources

Hosted by the Faculty Senate Recruitment, Retention, Retirement & Welfare Committee

Questions to consider before attending listening session:

1) How is COVID going for you?  How has it impacted your professional/personal life?

2) How are UVA’s efforts going on equity and inclusion—for women faculty, URM’s?  What else would help?

3) What is getting in the way of you doing your best work?  Barriers, nuisances

4) What things would help your well-being at work, prevent burn-out, alleviate some stresses or burdens?

Others if time allows, more specific

5) Do you have concerns regarding retirement?

6) Have you had issues related to child or dependent care?

Feature Date: 
Thursday, November 12, 2020