Faculty Senate Meeting EXCO, February 3, 2023

Date/Time/Location: Friday, February 3 / 2:00pm / Zoom Webinar & President’s Conference Room

Members Present: Kim Acquaviva, Alan Beckenstein, Aaron Bloomfield, Aniko Bodroghkozy, Tish Jennings (Chair), Michael Kennedy (Chair Elect), James Lambert, Carol Manning, Peter Norton, Jim Savage, Jeri Seidman

Guests/Others Present: Ian Baucom (Provost), Andy Block, Maïté Brandt-Pearce (Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs), Heather Downs, Carrie Heilman

Meeting Called to Order: 2:00 PM

Provost Report
Provost Ian Baucom
Provost Baucom gave a brief update on initiatives and activities including graduate education, faculty support (inclusive excellence), the Strategic Research Infrastructure Initiative, STEM research, Grand Challenges, global strategy, UVA NOVA, online education, undergraduate success, and continued focus on recover for the November tragedy.

Approval of Minutes
Tish Jennings shared minutes from the January 2023 EXCO Meeting to review.
Motion to approve minutes by unanimous consent.

Nominating Committee
Michael Kennedy, Nominating Committee
Michael provided a brief update on the BOV Faculty Representative election. The detailed results of the vote will be included in minutes for the Full Senate meeting (1/25) and will also be sent to Exco.

Committee Reports
Aaron Bloomfield, Chair
AAC considered two proposals, one will be sent for email approval. Other is the Master of Architecture, which is a modification to a degree and so must go through the full senate. Exco must vote to add to the full senate agenda.
Motion: AAC
Second: Jeri Seidman

Steps to Recovery
Tish Jennings, Andy Block
Faculty Senate Social Event at Colonnade Club schedule for March 23
Will also extend invitation to members of administration

Andy shared a desire to find ongoing opportunities to create connection at the University (not just in reaction during times of tragedy).

Additional discussion about ways to support faculty and students and to ensure there are concrete suggestions and opportunities which do not create put burdens on faculty.

Maïté noted that there will be a COACHE survey for faculty next year and students complete a climate survey each year. Brie Gertler (VPAA) and Student Affairs manage the student survey so they could potentially share more info. Tish and Andy will reach out to Brie to get more info.
Tish brought up the topic of providing some language in support of bill SB1484. It was suggested that Counsel and an AAUP representative be invited to a future meeting to share more about how the Faculty Senate can show support for legislation while staying within legal boundaries.

DEI Dinner
Tish shared that DEI Committee will manage the dinner which will include the DEI Committee and EXCO.

New Business
Athletics Academic Affairs Requests to Assist in Student-Athlete Support
Carrie Heilman, Heather Downs
Detailed request is attached.

Interfolio Faculty Search Module
Maïté Brandt-Pearce
Maïté shared that UVA has purchased Interfolio faculty search module and provided brief updates on what the system provides and the planned timeline for launch. Will present at a future faculty meeting.
Next Full FS Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, March 29 8:00-10:00 AM Zoom
Potential Items for inclusion:

  • AAC Proposal

  • Andy Pennock & Michael Palmer re: AI

  • Community-Buidling Discussion

  • Guidance from Counsel/AAUP

  • Interfolio Presentation

Meeting Adjourned
Motion to Adjourn: Kim Acquaviva
Second: Aaron Bloomfield
Meeting adjourned: 4:00 PM