Faculty Senate Meeting EXCO, March 31, 2023

Date/Time/Location: Friday, March 31, 2023 / 2:00-4:00pm / Zoom Webinar

Senators Present (14): Kim Acquaviva, Alan Beckenstein, Aaron Bloomfield, Jim Fitz-Gerald, Tish Jennings, Michael Kennedy, James Lambert, Carol Manning, Peter Norton, Andrew Pennock, Eric Ramirez-Weaver, James Savage, Jeri Seidman, Sarah Stewart Ware

Guests Present: Ian Baucom, Maïté Brandt-Pearce, Gabrielle Bray, Ron Christie, Brie Gertler, Maggie Harden, Brianna Kamdoum, Ken Kipps, Jim Ryan

Meeting Called to Order: 2:02 pm

Report from the President and Provost
President Ryan

  • Town Hall held this week
    • Primary audience was parents
    • Chief Longo shared increasing ambassador presence and patrols farther out
    • Working closely with Charlottesville and Albemarle County
    • Putting together Public Safety working group
      • Under President’s Council on UVA-Community Partnerships
      • Groups tend to work quickly, President’s Council provides oversight
  • Admissions
    • 56,000 applicants; 9,000 admitted (about 16% overall admittance)
    • Applications have increased by 38% in last three years
    • Continuing to be test-optional for another one to two years
  • BOV Meeting
    • Board remains as a group supportive of leadership, ongoing efforts
    • Another round of appointemnts late spring/summer

Provost Baucom

  • Test-optional will extend for next two years, then will have enough data to evaluate
  • Budget season
    • 2nd year of revised version of financial model
    • Looking at multi-year forecasts in addition to coming year
    • Reviewing proposals for University Fund ($30M) for reallocation for one-time, ongoing projects
    • Introduced strategic research incentive program (SRIP) (sponsored research) to reward schools, create incentives, clear disincentives to advancing research
      • Will rebate 80% of university tax assessments on growth over 3%
      • Have been growing at 9.2% university-wide over recent years
  • Strategic Research Infrastructure Initiative
    • Nearing conclusion
    • 12 working groups preparing recommendations
      • Will present recommendations for 10 year plan for investment
    • Aware of space needs (new and renovation)
  • Grand Challenges
    • White Papers submitted
  • Biotech
    • Architect, consutrction manager, owner’s rep all on board
    • $100M gift from Paul & Diane Manning
    • University putting in $200M
    • State MOU for initial $50M
  • Task Force on Generative AI
  • Faculy Salary Study is progressing (Maïté and Maggie will share more)
  • Review of Provost P&T Policy (last completed in 2014)
    • Transparency of expectation for all faculty
    • Equity of review and appeal
    • Ongoing engagement with faculty senate in this process
  • Parallel with Gun Violence Task Force with City/County, UVA will establish Gun Violence Mitigation Laboratory under Karsh Institute
    • Melody Barnes & Laurent DuBois
    • Have committed financial support
    • Close to finalizing initial structure
    • Focal areas
      • Local level
      • How do we scale from local to state and national (research, policy, law)
      • Arts and humanities, cultures of violence
      • Short and long term transformation

Review and Approval of Minutes
Tish Jennings, Chair requests approval of the two February 2023 Exco meeting minutes.

Committee Reports
Aaron Bloomfield, Chair

  • Master of Education in Administration and Supervision: Add online modality
  • Master of Education in Educational Psychology, Social Foundations concentration: Add online modality

Aaron shared information on these two proposed additions.
Brie shared a link for reference on online instruction policy.

Motion to add to senate agenda

  • Department of Sociology, New Concentration: Health and Medicine - will be sent to the full senate for notice


Eric Ramirez-Weaver, Chair
Eric shared information about the recent dinner and definitions creafted by the group. This document will be shared with the President’s Office.

Link to definitions in Box

Faculty Salary Study
Maïté Brandt-Pearce and Maggie Harden

  • University is engaging in two independent salary studies: one for faculty, one for staff over the next year
    • The Provost’s Office is overseeing the Faculty study
  • Purpose is to look a internal pay practices within the institutions in consultation with University Counsel
    • Academic division only (Medical School has finished their own study)
    • Hope to conclude in the next few months
  • Faculty panel: Kim Acquaviva, Derrick Williams, Sarah Turner
  • Reviewed Sarah Turner committee’s study (2014)
  • Timeline
    • Met with the schools about current pay practices, what variables should be included
    • Have been working with HR/IRA to pull and clean data
    • External consultant will run analyses
    • Hope to have report university-wide in the next few months
      • Will have additional information for each school
    • Dependent variable: salary
    • Independent variables to explore: department, AG/tenure-track, rank, time in rank

Honor Committee Faculty Relations
Brianna Kamdoum and Gabrielle Bray

  • Brianna and Gabrielle provided updates on the transformations that have happen over the last year.
  • Up until last year, was single-sanction system, this will change on July 1 to a multi-sanction system.
  • Are aware of issues that faculty have had with the process in the past and have worked to make adjustments to improve the experience for faculty.

Slides available in Box

Next Full Faculty Senate Meeting
Friday, April 21
Rouss Robertson 123 (McIntire)

  • ACC Motions
  • Faculty Salary Study Update
  • Honor Presentation

Meeting Adjourned:
Motion to Adjourn