Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes December 13, 2022

Tuesday, December 13, 2022
Zoom Webinar

Senators Present (56): Peter Abramenko, Kim Acquaviva, Tony Baglioni, Alan Beckenstein, Andy Block, Aaron Bloomfield, Aniko Bodroghkozy, Francesca Calamita, Cathy Campbell, Eli Carter, Shu-Chen Chen, Lisa Colosi Peterson, John Comazzi, Todd DeLong, Katia Dianina, John Dillery, Maxim Engers, Jay Fox, Vanessa Gregg, Douglas Grissom, Jack Hamilton, Jay Hirsh, Tish Jennings (Chair), Jamie Jirout, Michael Kennedy (Chair Elect), Jason Kerrigan, Bradley Kesser, Susan Kirk (Past Chair), James Lambert, Adria LaViolette, Matthew Lazzara, Kevin Lehmann, Ted Lendon, Stephen Levine, Maria Sequeira-Lopez, Carol Manning, Alyssa Mixon, Kathryn Neeley, Peter Norton, Amy Ogden, Thomas Pajewski, Andrew Pennock, Paul Perrin, Brian Pusser, Eric Ramirez-Weaver, Anne Rotich, Sue Saliba, Patrik Sandas, Jim Savage, Jeri Seidman, Jaclyn Shepard, Dan Spitzne, JT Stranix, Sarah Stewart Ware, June West, Mark Whittle, Brian Wright

Guests Present: Ian Baucom (Provost), Jeffrey Blume (Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs, Data Science), Brie Gertler (Vice Provost Academic Affairs), Siri Russell (Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Data Science)

Meeting Called to Order: 1:01pm

Provost Report
Provost Ian Baucom

Provost Baucom gave an update on ongoing activities and initiatives as well as the recent BOV meeting.
The complete minutes from the BOV meeting can be found on the BOV website.

Committee Chairs Reports
AAC Committee - Aaron Bloomfield, Chair
Bachelor of Science in Data Science
Passed the AAC Committee with unanimous support

Motion to approve: Aaron Bloomfield (through EXCO)
For: 43 Against: 4


Review and Approval of Minutes
Tish Jennings, Chair requests approval of the November 29, 2022 Faculty Senate meeting minutes.


Nominating Committee
Susan Kirk, Nominating Committee Chair

Faculty Senate of Virginia representative post is currently vacant.
Nominee Aniko Bodroghkozy gave a brief statement.
The vote on this nomination will take place online after the meeting.

BOV Faculty Representative
Looking for a slate of at least 3 nominees. Candidate statements should be sent to Maria by January 18th.

Other Positions
Faculty Senate Chair Elect, At-Large Exco Member (3), Parliamentarian
Susan Kirk will send additional information to the Faculty Senate about these positions and the timeline for nominations.

BOV Report
Susan Kirk, Faculty Representative to the Board of Visitors

Dr. Kirk provided a brief overview of the sessions she attended as part of the December 8 & 9, 2022 BOV meeting.

New Business
Tish Jennings, Chair

Chair Jennings shared that the Spring 2023 Faculty Senate meetings will alternate between in-person and online. The schedule is available on the Faculty Senate website and has been shared on calendars and via email.

Chair Jennings requested discussion on what the Faculty Senate can do to help support the faculty and student communities and provide additional resources in managing after the events of November 13th.

Meeting Adjourned
Meeting adjourned by unanimous consent

Post-Meeting Online Vote
Nominee for Faculty Senate of Virginia: Aniko Bodroghkozy