Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes, EXCO - July 23, 2021

4:30 - 5:30p.m. President's Conference Room (Madison Hall) and Virtual Connection

Executive Members Present
Susan Kirk (Chair), Tish Jennings (Chair-Elect), Jim Fitz-Gerald, James Savage, Kathryn Laughon, Robert Patterson, Carol Manning, Andrew Pennock, Aaron Bloomfield, Alan Beckenstein, Susan Modesitt, Peter Hallowell, Venkataraman Lakshmi, Hanadi Al-Samman, Peter Norton, Robert Hirosky, Kevin Lehmann

Carrie Heilman (Assoc. Prof., McIntire & Faculty Rep. Athletics), Jason Baum (Director of Compliance, Athletics), Brian Pusser (Parliamentarian), Maite Brandt-Pearce (Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs), Brett Marshall (Administrative Support)

Susan Kirk welcomed the members and introduced the new members of EXCO and the parliamentarian

May 2021 EXCO Minutes
The minutes of the May 2021 EXCO meeting were circulated in advance to EXCO members.

Proposed Action Items: Aaron Bloomfield initiated motion and Tish Jennings seconded for approval of minutes.

Action Completed: Motion approved.

Incorporating DEI into Senate Committee work
Tish Jennings reminded the committee that DEI is the responsibility of all Senate committees and its members and suggested that all committees consider the principals of diversity, equity, and inclusion when undertaking their efforts.

Regent legal changes impacting student athletes
Jason Baum (Director of Compliance, Athletics) and Carrie Heilman (Associate Prof, McIntire and faculty representative to Athletics) updated the group on recent cases decided by the Supreme Court that impact the NCAA and student athletes, specifically Name, Image and Likeness and Education Benefits.

Proposed Action Items: Because of the complexity of the topic, EXCO members agreed that the speakers should return to either an EXCO or Full Faculty Senate meeting in the fall for further discussion

Deadline for Action Items: End of fall semester

Committee Reports - Policy
Policy Chair Peter Norton recommended that EXCO members complete the survey that had been offered by Provost's office to access proposed changess to PROV-004. Vice Provost Brandt-Pearce said that they were assessing comments as they received them.

Proposed Action Items: Send reminder to Faculty Senate that survey is open.

Deadline for Action Items: July 30th

Committee Reports - Grievance
Grievance Chair Hanadi Al-Samman shared that she had discussed with Vice Provost Brandt-Pearce the upcoming mandate to have weekly COVID-19 testing for faculty who have chosen not to be vaccinated, have not uploaded proof of their vaccination status, or who have a religious or medical exemption for the vaccine.

Proposed Action Items: Chair Al-Samman will discuss with the other members of the Grievance Committee and decide what circumstances will be grievable regarding mandatory testing.

Deadline for Action Items: Prior to the start of mandatory testing

Other Business
Members agreed that the hybrid meeting format worked well, although the ability to ask questions or raise comments could be improved.

Proposed Action Items:

  1. Chairs and Senate admin support (Brett Marshall) will meet with Brian Pusser (parliamentarian) to discuss rules of order for hybrid meetings
  2. Classrooms and conference rooms with adequate AV capability will be identified
  3. Polling for meeting dates and times will be sent to EXCO and Faculty Senators

Deadline for Action Items: Week of July 26th

Other Business
Susan Kirk shared that Vice Provost Brandt-Pearce had requested representation on a group looking at the University's childcare benefits (Faculty Collab)

Proposed Action Items: FORWARD (FRRRW) committee will select a faculty senator to be a member of this group.

Deadline for Action Items: Week of July 26th

Meeting adjourned: 5:31pm