Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes, EXCO - September 1, 2021

Date/Time/Location: Wednesday, September 1, 2021, 10:00 AM, Zoom Webinar

Members Present: Hanadi Al-Samman, Aaron Bloomfield, Aniko Bodroghkozy, James Fitz-Gerald, Joe Fore, Bob Hirosky, Joel Hockensmith (Past-Chair), Tish Jennings (Chair-Elect), Susan Kirk (Chair), Venkataraman Lakshmi, Kathryn Laughon, Kevin Lehmann, Liz Magill (Provost), Carol Manning, Peter Norton, Andy Pennock, Eric Ramirez-Weaver, James Savage

Guests/Others Present: Maite Brandt-Pearce (Vice Provost), Brie Gertler (Vice Provost), Maria Lane (Admin Support), Brian Pusser (Parliamentarian)

Meeting called to order
10:02 AM

Susan Kirk welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced new VPAA and FS admin support.

July 2021 EXCO Minutes
Minutes from July EXCO meeting reviewed.
James Savage initiated motion for approval, Aaron Bloomfield seconded.

Vote on the Motion to Approve Minutes

Committee Reports
DEI Chair Eric Ramirez-Weaver shared how faculty concerns regarding Covid relate to potential DEI issues. Committee will be compiling a report of current initiatives/institutional support and will make proposals where additional support may be needed.

Check-In with Provost Magill
Provost Magill shared useful contacts within the Provost’s office along with updates on student/faculty/staff vaccination rates, asymptomatic testing availability, and the current mask mandate.

Review of sanctions for faculty non-compliance with Covid testing
Susan Kirk shared proposed protocol for sanctions of faculty who do not comply with testing. After 4 wks noncompliance, review by a 3 member panel of FS will be initiated as per Provost policy. Faculty member can opt-out of panel, cannot file grievance while in progress.

Reprisal-Elected positions in AAC, Colonnades
Susan Kirk and Joel Hockensmith shared information on AAC, Colonnades, Faculty Senate of VA, others that request a rep. This often falls to the Chair, Chair-Elect. Proposing a member be appointed/elected to serve in a 3-year capacity.

Action Item: Joel Hockensmith and Tish Jennings will draft a motion for the FS meeting regarding selection of FS reps for university committees.

Deadline for Action Item: Before 9/14 FS meeting, ideally one week

Committee Reports
FGC Chair Hanadi Al-Samman shared that FGC will only investigate cases of the Covid policy as it relates to equitable and consistent application.

Policy Chair Peter Norton: Current survey regarding Academic General Faculty is active, linked on Provost webpage and emailed by Maite Brandt-Pearce. There will be two rounds (EXCO, PC) of review for a proposal draft regarding Endowed Professorships. EXCO has been sent the draft.

Action Item: Send feedback on proposal draft to Peter Norton to report to Provost’s Office.

Deadline for Action Item: Send feedback by September 29

Email Request from Student Council for Classroom Time
Susan Kirk shared that Student Council Legislative Affairs would like to email to request time in classrooms to conduct voter registration, would like to email to FS.

9/14 Faculty Senate Agenda

  1. Student Council Sustainability Committee request to present re: online submissions

  2. Discussion about populating non-senate committees

  3. Committee Reports

  4. Potentially health team (Sifri, Rosner) may not be necessary after Town Hall

  5. Mask mandate updates

New Business
No new business

Meeting adjourned
11:50 AM