Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes, EXCO - September 22, 2023

EXCO Meeting
Friday, September 22, 2023
2:00 PM
President’s Conference Room, Madison Hall and Zoom

Senators Present:  Aaron Bloomfield, Michael Kennedy, James Lambert, Carol Manning, Andrew Pennock, Sue Saliba, Jeri Seidman, Alan Beckenstein, Lisa Colosi Peterson, Amanda Flora, Juliet Hatchett, Michelle Kisliuk, Brian Pusser, Eric Ramirez-Weaver, Patrik Sandas, Brian Wright

Ex-Officio and Guests: Brie Gertler, Maite Brandt-Pearce, Tichara Richardson Lewis, Andreas Masiakos, Kim Acquaviva, Wynne Stuart, Nizar Hermes

The Chair called the meeting to order at 2:02 PM

Review and Approval of Minutes
Motion to approve EXCO minutes July 28, 2023:  Aaron Bloomfield
Second:  Sue Saliba
Motion Passes

New Business

Tish Jennings – attended the Board of Visitors meeting. The only issue related to Faculty is that the University is piloting a new advising system.

Student Landing Page and Stellic

Brie Gertler shared that she spoke and presented at the Board of Visitors. She shared with EXDCO what she discussed which started with the new landing page for students.  Go to and Info for Students. There’s a new page Discover Your UVA which consists of featured guides and featured topics that use plain language versus insider UVA lingo. This makes it easy for students to find resources. As you click through, you will get to familiar websites.

Stellic is a new advising software tool that was chosen by a committee after reviewing five different software programs. Stellic will come online in the Fall of 2024. Right now, there’s extra functionality, Advisor Communication tool, that’s being piloted by the School of Engineering. There are still many questions to be answered but the University has hired new employees to help with the functionality and access fits the needs of everyone. They know how important advising is and rolling it out needs to go smoothly so a lot of resources have been put towards it.

EXCO Faculty members shared their concern about the number of students they need to advise each semester.  Some on the committee need to advise over 60 students before the students can register. This will be brought to the full Faculty Senate Committee.

Student Council

Tichara Richardson Lewis (Student Council President) and Andreas Masiakos (Chair of the Representative Body) from Student Council presented.

Tichara introduced the student council’s purpose which is to protect and improve the rights, opportunities, and quality of life of every student at the University of Virginia.  It is made up of graduate and undergraduate students from every school at UVA. 

The Student Council is made up of Agency Organizations that act on behalf of the University such as Honor, University Judiciary Council, and the University Program Council.  Special Status Organizations that act as agents of the University such as Class Councils and Guides. Then Contracted Independent Organization act as independent of the University which is clubs that students want to start.  The Student Council disperses the student activity fee.

The Student Council oversees 650+ student organizations and allocates funding. They also lobby for policy changes, provide resources to low-income students, provide student legal services, and they serve as the voice of students on different policy boards.

The Student Council holds general body meetings every Tuesday at 6:30 PM.
The goal is to increase the connection between the student council and the faculty senate.

Work Schedules

John Kosky, Assistant Vice President for Impact and Decision Support led a discussion on work schedules at the request of President Ryan.  Current literature is mixed on remote and hybrid work. Five categories of works: live out of commonwealth 10%; primarily home office, hybrid (50%), hoteling workers, and fully on site. Other considerations:  working remote comes up in recruiting efforts, would everyone fit in offices and parking, support for those working in person is limited with many outside support services being remote?  Impact on relationship and efficiency.  Staff senate survey results indicate a strong desire for standardizing remote work across UVA. Would rather have qualified staff than someone in person. Charlottesville is expensive. Need the numbers of cost benefit analysis. Will revisit issue.

Open Enrollment/Benefits webinar hosted Tuesday, October 3 from 5:00 – 6:00 hosted by Co-Chairs Drs. Brad Kesser and Alan Beckenstein.  Len Schoppa, UVA Department of Politics will discuss the options.

Dr. Mimi Chapman, the Past President of Faculty Senate, will visit from the University of North Carolina for those are interested in meeting on the side to discuss what they would like her to talk about.

Reports from Committee Chairs will be received via email.

What have you heard from colleagues about this year. SDACS are an issue. Let’s bring this to the full senate.
Motioned to Adjourn: Sue Saliba
Seconded: Aaron Bloomfield
Motion Passes
Meeting Adjourned: 3:36PM