Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes - February 16, 2024

February 16, 2024
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Rouss Robertson & ZOOM WEBINAR

Senators Present or on Zoom:  Peter Abramenko, Kim Acquaviva, Dana Albon, Lanice Avery, Alan Beckenstein, Aaron Bloomfield, Aniko Bodroghkozy, Matthew Bolton, Ming-Jer Chen, Eve Danziger, Todd DeLong, Katia Dianina, Maxim Engers, Rob Garrod, Avik Ghosh, Vanessa Gregg, Bryon Gustafson, Natoya Haskins, Juliet Hatchett, Matt Hedstrom, Gustav Heldt, Nizar Hermes, Robert Hirosky, Rich Hynes, Tish Jennings, Jamie Jirout, Ann Kellams, Michael Kennedy, Michelle Kisliuk, Jim Lambert, Craig Lefanowicz, Ted Lendon, Charlotte Matthews, Alicia Lopez-Opere, Stephen Macko, Katya Makarova, Kathryn Neeley, Amy Ogden, Paul Perrin, Eric Ramirez-Weaver, Michael Rasbury, Sara Riggs, Anne Rotich, Sue Saliba, Patrik Sandas, Jim Savage, Jeri Seidman, Maria Sequeira Lopez, Jessica Sewell, Jaclyn Shepard, David Vander Meulen, June West, Mark Whittle, Brian Williams

Ex-Officio & Guests Present or on Zoom: Maite Brandt-Pearce, Erik Pearson, Priya Kommu, Melissa Riley, Wynne Stuart, Jason Belford, Kelly Doney

Michael called the meeting to order at 2:02 PM.

Review and Approval of Minutes

Chair requests approval of meeting minutes from January 26, 2024.
First: Craig Lefanowicz
Second: Sue Saliba
Vote: All Approve
Result: Motion passes

Old Business

BOV Rep:  For the FS BOV Rep for 2024 – 2025, there were 60 votes cast.  Michael received 51 first place votes.  His name along with Eve Danziger and Sue Saliba will go to the BOV.

New Business

Sue Saliba from the AAC presented two proposals.

  1. PhD in Kinesiology.  Right now, have a PhD in Education and Human Development for Kinesiology students. Kinesiology is its own academic discipline, so they’d like to have their own PhD. If approved, it will go to the BOV in March. Nothing will change for current students; it will only affect people admitted after it’s approved. Moved by AAC, Jeri Seidman seconded.  All in favor.  Motion passes.

  2. Change the number of credits for the Master of Science in Global Commerce. Previously 40 credits proposed change to 30 credits at UVA. No longer working with Spain and China. Will partner with Germany instead. Approved by AAC. Charlotte Matthews seconds. All in favor. Motion passes.

Two bills passed in General Assembly regarding faculty representation on the Board of Visitors – Aniko Bodroghkozy

The current statute reads “The governing board of each public institution of higher education and each local community college board may appoint one or more nonvoting, advisory faculty representatives to its respective board.  In the case of local community college boards and boards of visitors, such representatives shall be chosen from individuals elected by the faculty or the institution’s faculty senate or its equivalent.  In the case of the State Board, such representatives shall be chosen from individuals elected by the Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee.”  BOV read this as receiving multiple candidates and they would choose.

Two new proposals: HB1467 by Delegate Laufer “expands the membership of the board of visitors of each baccalaureate public institution of higher education in the Commonwealth to include two nonvoting advisory members consisting of one faculty member of the institution who is an officer of the institution’s faculty senate or faculty-at-large and one staff member of the institution who is an officer of the institution’s staff senate or staff-at-large and is chosen by majority vote of such senate or staff-at-large.” Passed.

Second bill by Senator Surovell SB506 addressing the role of the Attorney General in relation to Colleges and Universities. It reads “clarifies the duties of the governing board of each public institution of higher education in its collective capacity and of the members of such governing board in their individual capacities and requires each governing board of a baccalaureate public institution of higher education to include in its membership one nonvoting advisory faculty representative and one nonvoting advisory staff representative. Passed.

These two bills need to be reconciled and then sent to Governor Youngkin.

Jason Belford, UVA Chief Information Security Officer and Kelly Doney, UVA Chief Information Officer

Two factor authentication want to hear from the faculty about IT security and how it will affect people.
1. Take inventory of all machines/devices,
2. Make sure each has the bare minimum security for what you’re accessing,
3. Technical enforcement places a restriction so you can’t access anything but internet.
The timetable is still being worked on. 
If ITS sends out the message, there’s a number at the bottom and you could call to verify or send an email to

Aaron Bloomfield – Senate Opinion Survey Results
Thirty-one people responded to the survey using a five-point scale. The proposed bylaw change would allow faculty senate to represent two of the three groups previously discussed.  The survey results show support in moving forward on two of those:  Non professorial Administrative General Faculty and Non-schoolers staff. Not going forward with not administrative and professional faculty.

The bylaw change policy starts with a notification which is today. Documentation will come by email then discussion will take place at the next meeting. If changes are made, then eligibility rules would have to be changed.

Second change would be about Membership. The senate size would increase from 80 to 83.  Non-schoolers would form delegation of their own. They would get a minimum of two senators. This will be emailed to senators and will be discussed and voted on.

University Ombuds  – Amanda Monaco

The ombuds is valuable because they diffuse situations at lowest level, saves time invested, builds positive reputation, serves as an early warning channel, and saves legal expense & reduces costs.

Ombuds acts as a navigator for faculty, staff, and students seeking guidance, information, insight, and potential options from trusted advisor who is:  independent, impartial, confidential, and informal.  Offers easy access and can book an appointment online.

Best address by: Read DHRM Policy 2.35 state policy, Civility in the Workplace and the Policy Guide; train by requiring respect@uva training offered by UVA HR; conduct climate survey to gauge level of civility; and develop action plan.

Contact office by emailing or calling 434-924-7819

Director of Threat Assessment – Ed Markowski

UVA Department of Safety & Security Organizational Chart, under Tim Longo covers emergency management, Clery act compliance and youth protection, central office, systems & technology, university police division, and office of threat assessment.

Dr. Burnett – Office of Threat Assessment
Mission is to identify, assess, manage, and mitigate threatening behavior by and against students, faculty, staff, employees, patients, visitors, or other non-affiliated individuals.

Report concerns to:  434-297-6426 or

Training Offered:

  1. UVA threat assessment process (video).

  2. Fundamentals of threat assessment and management (in person)

  3. De-escalation training (workday)

  4. De-escalation training level II (in person)

Division of Emergency Management – Briana Kracke

The department facilitates a comprehensive emergency management program to ensure the University and its Medical Center are prepared to respond to and recover from emergencies and disasters that impact UVA, to maintain the continuity of teaching, research, patient care, and essential services to our community.

Programmatic areas:  planning; training & exercise; outreach; response, recovery & special event mgmt.; emergency notifications & public access AEDs; and separate campuses.

Safety resources on grounds: blue light phones, AED, and mobile safety app.

Training opportunities:

  1. 10 Things to know about Emergencies.

  2. Emergency preparedness.

  3. New for 2024 – state mandated annual emergency employee training.

UVA Police – Ben Rexrode

Consists of 75 sworn police officers, 65 security officers, and about 30 civilians split between to University and Medical Center.  A lot of training and outreach is around students but also with employees.

The next full Faculty Senate meeting is March 16 in Darden 120.

Motion to adjourn Alan Beckenstein
Seconded by Tish Jennings
Motion Passes
Meeting adjourned at 4:02 PM