Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes - March 22, 2024

March 22, 2024
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Darden & Zoom Webinar

Senators Present or on Zoom:  Kim Acquaviva, Dana Albon, Lanice Avery, Aaron Bloomfield, Aniko Bodroghkozy, Matthew Bolton, Cathy Campbell, Ming-Jer Chen, Lisa Colosi Peterson, Eve Danziger, Todd DeLong, Jason Druzgal, Maxim Engers, Rob Garrod,  Bryon Gustafson, Natoya Haskins, Juliet Hatchett, Matt Hedstrom, Gustav Heldt, Nizar Hermes, Robert Hirosky, Rich Hynes, Michael Kennedy, Jason Kerrigan, Bradley Kesser, Michelle Kisliuk, Matthew Lazzara, Craig Lefanowicz, Kathryn Neeley, Amy Ogden, Thomas Pajewski, Brian Pusser, Eric Ramirez-Weaver, Michael Rasbury, Sara Riggs, Anne Rotich, Sue Saliba, Patrik Sandas, James Savage, Maria Luisa Sequeira Lopez, Jessica Sewell, Jaclyn Shepard, Ryan Smith, June West, Mark Whittle, Brian Williams, Kenan Yount

Ex-Officio & Guests Present or on Zoom: Melissa Riley, Shelly Smith, Karl Kurz, Justin Thompson, Jerilyn Teahan, Brie Gertler, Marrie Harden, Maite Brandt-Pearce

Michael called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM.

Review and Approval of Minutes
Chair requests approval of meeting minutes from February 16, 2024.
First: Kim Acquaviva
Second:  Jessica Sewell
Vote:  All Approve
Result: Motion passes

Old Business

House Bill 1467 passed both sides of the VA Legislature but was vetoed by Governor Youngkin vetoed.

UVA Board of Visitors accepted Michael Kennedy as the Faculty Senate representative to the 2024 – 2025 BOV.

Aaron Bloomfield – Senate Opinion Survey Results
Proposal to include non-professorial academic general faculty and non-schoolers in faculty senate. This would change the bylaw Section III:  Eligibility and Section IV.B:  Membership.

Internal Senate Elections – Jim Lambert
Current candidates:
Chair-elect: Jeri Seidman (McIntire) and Kim Acquavivia (Nursing)
Exco Candidates: Kay Neeley (SEAS), Jessica Sewell (Architecture), Eric Ramirez-Weaver (A&S), and Andy Pennock (Batten)

Still accepting nominations. Submit a 250-word statement by April 12. Candidate statements will be presented at the full FS meeting on April 19. Election will commence online following the meeting for 5 days.

New Business

Provost Baucom read a statement about the importance of free expression, academic freedom, and their grounding centrality to the life of the University. He also spoke about the obligation we all have as public university employees to ensure that our private views are not mistaken for the views of our employer and our obligation as faculty or other instructors to protect the free speech rights of our students in any formal academic situation when we are addressing them through our designated institutional capacity and authority over them. He addressed several questions and offered to come back for further discussion at another meeting.

Sue Saliba from the AAC.

  1. Modality change - M.Ed. in Special Education 100% online delivery. This degree is for people that are already certified as teachers. The modification would be effective in the summer of 2024.

  2. New concentration proposal in the School of Education and Human Development, Applied Child & Youth Development; Education, Culture & Society; Policy & Data Analysis; Program Design; and Youth Mental Health would be the five concentrations.

  3. Modification in credit hours M.S. in Nursing – modify the total credit hours for two of the three tracks within the M.S. in Nursing (MSN):  Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) and Nurse Practitioner (NP). This would modify the total credits for the CNS and NP tracks from 42-46 credit hours to a range of 48-52 credit hours effective Fall of 2024.

Motion brought by AAC and seconded by Jeri Seidman.  All Approve, Motions pass.

Faculty Salary Study results – Maite Brandt-Pearce along with Maggie Harden.

UVA is committed to ensuring that our faculty are compensated fairly for their work in support of our mission. Last study done in 2013.  This survey was conducted by an outside firm with guidance from University Counsel. Statistical analyses are designed to assess pay practices consistent with legal principles. The study focused on internal pay equity. There are separate analyses for Tenure Track (T/TT) and Academic General Faculty (AGF). All salaried faculty members are included except for School Deans and higher administration and the School of Medicine as they recently completed their own study.

Statistical Analysis:  standard multiple regression models; results are statistically significant when p-value <0.05; the reliability of the model was assess using the adjusted R-squared; utilized 9-month equivalent base salary; and conducted for each school and the entire university.

The survey included 576 AGF and 1,126 T/TT for a total of 1,702.

Twelve comparisons based on gender or race subgroups:  10 had no statistically significant differences, one had a statistically positive pay difference, and one statistically significant negative pay difference. The University is looking into the negative pay disparity and is working with school leadership on any appropriate adjustments.

Schools are tasked with looking at the results and seeing what needs to happen.

There will be two webinars to discuss the results in April. To register please go to:

Faculty Senate EXCO Meeting is April 12 in Madison Hall

The next full Faculty Senate meeting is April 19 in Darden Room 120.

Motion to adjourn Kim Acquaviva
Seconded by Jeri Seidman
Motion Passes
Meeting adjourned at 4:01 PM