Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes - March 25, 2021


Joel Hockensmith (chair), Hanadi Al-Samman, Ellen Bassett, Alan Beckenstein, Ari Blatt, Aaron Bloomfield, Alison Booth, Maite Brandt-Pearce, Darryl Brown, Eli Carter, Donna Chen, Sylvia Chong, John Comazzi, Janet Cross, Stephen Culp, Luke Dahl, Anastasia Dakouri-Hild, Jennifer Davis, Maxim Engers, Jay Fox, Gavin Garner, Doug Grissom, Mark Haskins, Ira Herbst, Janet Herman, Bob Hirosky, Jay Hirsh, Tish Jennings, Joel Hockensmith, Ann Kellams, Michael Kennedy, Daniel Kinney, Susan Kirk, Venkataraman Lakshmi, Kathryn Laughon, Adria LaViolette, Kevin Lehmann, Antonia LoLordo, Allen Lynch, Stephen Macko, Elizabeth Magill, Katya Makarova, Carol Manning, Kirk Martini, Susan Modesitt, Thomas Pajewski, Robert Patterson, Andy Pennock, Melur Ramasubramanian, James Ryan, James Savage, Jeri Seidman, Maria Sequeira-Lopez, Nathan Sheffield, Jaclyn Shepard, Mircea Stan, Miao-fen Tseng, Sarah Stewart Ware, Ishan Williams, Brian Wright, Jeff Young


Sam Amago, Mike Citro, Troy Dunaway, Maggie Harden, Alena Herklotz, Brett Marshall, Christine Peterson, Ellen Ramsey, Oscar Ruiz Hernandez, Martha Stuart, Agnieszka Swiatecka-Urban, Christopher Thom, Judith Thomas

Administrative Support: Ashley Ayers; Adriana Torres (closed captioner)

Meeting agenda:

  1. Convene and Call to Order - Chair Joel Hockensmith

  2. Executive Leadership Session: 3:00-3:30 pm

    1. Jim Ryan, President

    2. Liz Magill, Provost

  3. Approve minutes

    1. *FS 02/23/2021

  4. American Association of University Professors 3:35-3:55 pm

    1. Alison Booth – Professor of English/AAUP Executive Cmte

    2. Questions from FS floor

  5. Nominee Statements 3:55-4:20 pm

    1. Chair-Elect Statements

      1. Tish Jennings, School of Education and Human Development

      2. Jeff Young, School of Medicine

    2. ExCo at-Large Statements

      1. Hanadi Al-Samman, College of Arts and Sciences

      2. Bradley Kesser, School of Medicine

      3. Venkat Lakshmi, School of Engineering and Applied Science

      4. Carol Manning, School of Medicine

      5. Andrew Pennock, Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

    3. Parliamentarian Statement

      1. Brian Pusser, School of Education and Human Development

  6. Committee Reports 4:20

    1. Academic Affairs – Cmte Chair Bloomfield

      1. Report

      2. Action Item - Ph.D Bioinformatics**

    2. DEI – Cmte Chair Jennings

      1. Report

      2. Action Item – Resolution**

    3. BOV – Past-Chair Bassett

    4. Faculty Grievance – Cmte Chair Al-Samman OR Manning

    5. Policy – Cmte Chair Norton

    6. RTS – Cmte Chair Hirosky OR Lehmann

    7. FRRRW – Cmte Chair Beckenstein OR Modesitt

    8. Finance – Cmte Chair Hallowell

  7. Other business

  8. 5:00 pm – Adjourn

“*” denotes items to be approved by “General Consent”.  Dissent of a single Faculty Senate member sends the item to an “online” vote by the full FS.
Times are suggested as guidelines but ultimately determined by the pleasure of the FS.

Meeting Notes:

Update from President Ryan

  • Response to Asian community, following the shooting in Atlanta. He issued statement on social media to echo statement Kevin McDonald posted for students.

  • He and Kevin McDonald are organizing meeting with Asian communities at UVA to find out what to provide.

  • New VP for Student Affairs hired: Robyn Hadley: reports jointly to Liz and Jim. Susan Davis is serving as Acting VP for Student Affairs until June 1.

  • Increased limits for outdoor gatherings, up to 25; to align with Governor’s Executive Order (on the day of the announcement, governor increased limit to 100). Indoor limit is still six.

  • Vaccine: increased supply; hopefully, eligibility will expand to 1C soon, which includes faculty and staff.

  • Graduation: The current state regulations on events is 5,000 or 30% capacity (whichever is less) with 10-feet spacing. This rule limits capacity with Lawn.

  • Class of 2021 students were polled and they want to do something in person, working advisory group created.
  • Class of 2020 wanted some sort of social event; size is limited. Thinking about giving them an opportunity to walk the Lawn.
  • April 13 Board meeting; a final decision about undergraduate tuition will be made.

Update from Provost Magill: updates about summer and searches

  • Summer sessions (a note with details will go out at 3:30pm) Three summer sessions, online.

  • Faculty and many students were pleased with increased online access for online classes; will do online classes for another summer.

  • Can opt into credit/no credit this summer. Go back to for-credit normal in the fall.

  • Day camp decisions will be made later, by mid-April.

  • Virtual summer orientation followed up by in-person activities before classes begin in the fall.

  • Next week, an announcement will be made about fall classes: in-person classes are what is planned.

  • Three open Dean’s searches: Architecture, Engineering, and Medicine (this summer, new deans may be in place).

  • Vice Provost for Academic Affairs– internal search only, related to need for institutional and state/SCHEV knowledge and onboarding. Should have someone on board by early summer.


  • Joel Hockensmith: will graduation events be scheduled in May? Or later in the summer?

  • Jim Ryan: they would be scheduled for May.

  • Michael Kennedy: is there anything faculty should know about the Danville vaccine site article in Cavalier Daily?

  • Jim Ryan: VDH has shut down Danville’s allowing people to travel there for the vaccine; asking people not to travel there.

  • Liz Magill: those areas are vaccinating 1C, but our district, BRHD, is still on 1B. Vaccine clinics in Danville were taking anyone who arrived and there was a concern about that.

  • Susan Modesitt: we hear about a sort of underground “black market” about where to drive to get a vaccine, or who might have extra doses. CVS will hand out numbers for any leftover vaccine.

  • Rob Patterson: some colleagues drove to Danville as recently as yesterday. Will they have to go back for their second dose?

  • Liz Magill: if they received their first dose in Danville, they may be locked in. The supply in our district may change soon, so it’s going to be fluid.

  • Jeri Seidman: in the fall, when students were not following protocols, they were disciplined. Breaking rules in the fraternity/sororities; memo circulating on how to avoid the guidelines. Have there been disciplinary actions toward students and staff who were involved in this incident?

  • Jim Ryan: yes, the students and the Greek organizations have faced discipline. The memo from Dean Groves was trying to advise students on how to adhere to the protocols, not go against them.

Faculty Senate February 23 Meeting Minutes: no objections; passed by General Consent

AAUP (American Association of University Professors) at UVA and Beyond: presented by Alison Booth

  • Open to anyone who’d like to participate/join.

  • AAUP founded in 1915; closest thing to a union for faculty; shared governance and academic freedom. Not just for tenure-track faculty, also for fellows, postdocs, general faculty.

  • UVA group lecture series: Jalane Schmidt, “Thinking on My Feed: Risks/Rewards of Public Engagement Scholarship” and Michael Berube “Is Shared governance Really Part of Academic Freedom?” and Christopher Newfield, “When Did Tenured Faculty Give Up on Governance?” and Michael Mann, “The New Climate War”– when politicians breach academic freedom to attack science they do not like.

  • AAUP chapter is in network with the commonwealth and nation and can work with the Faculty Senate and the administration while voicing systemic issues linking to other institutions.

  • In consultation with Faculty Senate, the AAUP urged the Board and President Ryan to revise the policy on review of gift agreements.

  • Letter to provost to restore 1940 statement on Academic Freedom in UVA Faculty Handbook. COVID related decisions, are they being fairly applied to academic general faculty.

  • They are looking for new leadership, next speakers, and events.

  • Shared link to join: or can join local chapter only by contacting Donal Day (

  • Ellen Bassett: Faculty Handbook – engaged scholarship there was an ad hoc committee that did not finish its work.

  • Alison Booth: issue of the faculty handbook not including correct version of statement on academic freedom. Has not been fixed yet.

Joel Hockensmith shared the ballot on Collab, demonstrated how to change a vote, and mentioned the “write in” option. He noted that voting will open at 5:01pm.

Faculty Senate Elections: Statements from Nominees

Chair Elect of the Faculty Senate

  • Tish Jennings, School of Education and Human Development
    My name is Patricia (Tish) Jennings. I am honored to be nominated to run for Chair of the Faculty Senate. I’m a Professor of Education in the School of Education and Human Development (EHD). Since joining the faculty in January 2014, I noticed that none of the EHD Faculty Senate representatives were women and only one was a person of color. Recognizing the need for more diversity in our school’s faculty representation, I ran and was elected to the Senate last year. I currently serve as chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. I have a broad range of experience in academia from many years as a practitioner-adjunct to several years as research faculty and finally, my seven years here as a tenured professor. I am very concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on academia in general and on UVA more specifically and as chair, I hope to promote policies and procedures that support a thriving excellent and well-compensated faculty. If elected I will continue the excellent work that Ellen, Joel and Susan have done to build more faculty engagement and to cultivate and honor a diversity of opinions and ideas to improve our role in shared governance. Given the 38% response rate of the recent COACHE survey, it's clear that there is more that can be done to engage our colleagues in the work of sharing the governance of this great institution. I will aim to promote engagement in activities where faculty have opportunities to express our opinions.

  • Jeff Young, School of Medicine
    Friends and Colleagues,
    I am honored to be nominated for Chair-Elect of the UVA Faculty Senate. The University of Virginia has been a central part of my life since 1980 when I started as a first-year. My wife and two of my sons have graduated from the University and my oldest daughter is currently a second year. I have been the director of the UVA trauma center since 1994 and have held positions as Associate Chief of Staff, Chief Quality officer, Chief Patient Safety Officer, and Professor of Surgery

    Our faculty represent the top tiers in academic scholarship, but few if any of us of us have extensive experience in the governance of such a complex entity as the University. The senate provides us with the opportunity to shape the future of UVA and I want our influence to be substantial and to be heeded. My vision for the senate is for us to strive to continually improve the institution, the educational mission, and the satisfaction of our faculty. The fair governance of the University requires constant effort to attempt to turn conflict into consensus. I have helped to build consensus among surgeons and clinical staff for 27 years and am confident I can be effective in mediating important discussions as the Chair-elect and Chair of the Senate. I have had productive interactions with University leaders in the past and I feel I can be effective in advocating for our faculty with the current leadership. I envision the senate as a forum for deliberation of the critical issues that we face in this complex academic environment such that we can put forward policy recommendations that will enhance our collective future.

    In the coming years, it would be the highest honor to devote my time and effort to the Senate, our faculty, and our students.


  • James Savage: UVA is a class-1 research university. How do you plan to advance our research, in our role?

  • Tish Jennings: surprised at lack of research support here at UVA; came from Penn State. There has been a huge improvement. Worked through faculty council to promote improvements through the school level.

  • Jeff Young: has had a research career in clinical and basic sciences. Those who have research as their main mission; must look at department budgets and support the right people getting support

  • Ishan Williams: could both candidates tell us what is one specific policy that they would recommend and promote to the President and other members of the administration if allowed to serve?

  • Tish Jennings: the report on diversity is important; wants the Faculty Senate to attend to some of those recommendations in that report.

  • Jeff Young: questionable satisfaction of the faculty. Morale of faculty – look at data about what is consistently hurting faculty morale.

ExCo at Large

  • Hanadi Al-Samman, College of Arts and Sciences

Dear Fellow Senators,
I am a scholar of contemporary Arabic literature, Gender and Sexuality Studies. I have published on issues related to diaspora studies and on social and political activism in the Arab world and beyond. My motivation for running for the Senate’s EXCO is prompted by my desire to make the Senate hospitable for all constituencies. As Senators, we are charged with a crucial task of oversight and participatory governance in the university’s affairs. The faculty won their right of representation on the Board of Visitors due to the dedication and hard work of previous Senators and Senate officers. I pledge to protect this right, to address the Senate affairs with transparency, inclusiveness, and to encourage equal participation by all Senators. I strongly believe in the need to foster a culture of open dialogue where all voices are welcome and respected. We need to build on the accomplishments of past Senate Chairs and Executive Councils, and to work constructively with the Administration and BOV. We need to harness the energy of incoming Senators so that the Senate can truly be a representative body capable of addressing the concerns of, and enacting effective changes for, all faculty and the university community.

  • Bradley Kesser, School of Medicine (absent; Joel read statement on his behalf)

I am honored to run for the Executive Council of the UVA Faculty Senate. As our website states, “The Executive Council’s activities are central to making the Faculty Senate a substantial partner in University planning.” I feel the Faculty Senate’s voice has taken on a more important role in the life of the University in recent years; we have built a solid, working relationship with the President and Provost. I hope to build on that relationship and work with University leadership to advocate for faculty across Grounds. I have been a Senator for the last four years and feel ready to take the next step to serve on ExCo. Over those four years, as a member of the Faculty Recruitment, Retention, Retirement, and Welfare Committee, I helped organize and deliver a symposium on retirement and retirement benefits University-wide. I have marshalled childcare information and resources and had them posted to the Faculty Senate website (see Dependent Care | UVA HR ( Our committee has also held Listening Sessions to understand what is important to our constituents. In this time of uncertainty, I promise to continue to bring clear thinking, creativity, an eye to diversity and inclusion, and leadership to the issues that affect us all – compensation, research, retirement, wellness, academic standards, COVID-19, self-governance – and be a strong voice for the Faculty Senate as a whole. Thank you for considering me for the Faculty Senate Executive Council.

  • Venkat Lakshmi, School of Engineering and Applied Science

Venkat Lakshmi is serving in his second year as a Senator representing the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Department of Engineering Systems and Environment. He is also the chair of the SEAS Faculty Council and serves on the Faculty Senate committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. He is interested in serving on the Ex-Co of the Faculty Senate to promote a closer relationship between faculty and administration, a good and timely flow of information between the faculty and administration and vice-versa to promote a healthy dialogue to benefit and build UVA from the ground-up. In today’s world with numerous issues related to diversity equity and inclusion, questions need to be raised that would help build the morale and spirit at UVA. These and other issues as they come up would be his priorities in bringing to the forefront for discussions in the Faculty Senate.

  • Carol Manning, School of Medicine

An active faculty senate is critical for ensuring that faculty play a significant role in shaping the actions and priorities of UVA and enhancing faculty self-governance. These considerations are important for all faculty, especially for faculty who are under-represented or work in non-traditional disciplines. During the past three years on the Faculty Senate, I chaired the Faculty Grievance Committee which gave me the opportunity to oversee cases which I believe were particularly important for the faculty as a whole. As there is a steep learning curve for this role, I agreed to stay on as chair this past year to help the transition to a new committee chair next year
As a representative of the faculty, my role is to forward the consensus of the group rather than push forward my own agenda. For example, when I volunteered for an ad hoc committee on BOV representation, I felt it was important to change our recommendations in line with faculty consensus after it became clear that the overall faculty senate desired a different selection mechanism. Although I value and work diligently to have collegial professional relationships, I am willing to assert myself when necessary for the good of the faculty. I have been and will continue to be an active and vocal member of the overall senate and the EXCO, if elected to do so. It is my pleasure and honor to serve the faculty and work with my fellow senators.

  • Andrew Pennock, Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

A proactive and productive Faculty Senate is a requirement for UVA to succeed in our mission to develop responsible citizen leaders and professionals; advance, preserve, and disseminate knowledge; and provide world-class patient care.
Faculty are core to this mission.
We need a Senate that advocates for faculty needs and perspectives, that stands with students and staff on important issues, and that works with the administration. Sometimes working with the administration means providing a faculty perspective, sometimes it means leaning in together on a shared problem, and sometimes it means pushing them. I want to be a part of an ExCo and Senate that can do all three.  I'm running to serve on ExCo to help with sustain this work.
Over the last six years I worked on a number of university wide committees and initiatives: in the Senate on the AAC, on the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) towards our accreditation, on the Presidential Taskforce on Teaching, and most recently the COACHE working group.
In my work on the Senate and on the AAC, I’ve worked alongside faculty from every school. My experiences in LAM (and my experiences as a parent, partner, and patient at UVA-Health) have given me an appreciation for the medical center's role at UVA and the challenges faculty face there. Over my tenure at UVA, it has been a joy to work with so many faculty members pursing our shared mission. I hope you will consider voting for me to serve in this new role.


  • Susan Kirk: the person who is not here, Brad Kesser, does not have an opportunity to respond to group questions.
  • In response to this, it was decided to not field questions from the at Large ExCo candidates


  • Brian Pusser, School of Education and Human Development (absent; Joel read statement on his behalf)

    To the members of the Faculty Senate of the University of Virginia,
    I am a candidate for Parliamentarian in the upcoming Senate elections. I have served two separate terms on the Senate as an elected representative of the School of Education and Human Development (SEHD). I have been Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, and I served for two years on the Senate Executive Council. I am currently an Associate Professor and member of the Faculty Council of the SEHD, and previously served as Chair of the Faculty Council of SEHD. I have also served on a number of University committees beyond my service to the Senate. Simply put, I have participated in a considerable amount of debate and parliamentary procedure over the years. I have a good grasp of Roberts Rules of Order and am well versed in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Senate. My goal as Parliamentarian would be to support Senate deliberations and to rely upon rules of order only when necessary to ensure an effective and legitimate process.

    Thank you for considering my candidacy.


Committee Reports

Academic Affairs: presented by Aaron Bloomfield

  • one proposal: a Ph.D. in Computational Biology.

  • Passed by General Consent.

DEI: presented by Tish Jennings

  • UVA Faculty Senate Resolution in Response to Anti-Asian Violence

    Whereas since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a disturbing rise in anti-Asian bias and hate incidents;
    Whereas March 16, eight people were murdered, including six Asian women, in the Atlanta area further raising the level of fear and concern; and
    Whereas this University has a history of anti-Asian racism; now, therefore, be it

    Resolved that the Faculty Senate of the University of Virginia:

    Mourns the loss of these lives in Atlanta.
    Stands in firm solidarity with Asian and APIDA (Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American) students, faculty, staff, and local community members who have experienced acts of racism, xenophobia and related harassment.
    Accepts the responsibility for speaking out against and taking active steps to prevent harassment and violence aimed at Asian or APIDA individuals or groups.

    Whereas since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a disturbing rise in anti-Asian bias and hate incidents;
    Whereas March 16, eight people were murdered, including six Asian women, in the Atlanta area further raising the level of fear and concern; and
    Whereas this University has a history of anti-Asian racism; now, therefore, be it

    Resolved that the Faculty Senate of the University of Virginia:

    Mourns the loss of these lives in Atlanta.
    Stands in firm solidarity with Asian and APIDA (Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American) students, faculty, staff, and local community members who have experienced acts of racism, xenophobia and related harassment.
    Accepts the responsibility for speaking out against and taking active steps to prevent harassment and violence aimed at Asian or APIDA individuals or groups.

  • Joel Hockensmith: this statement came out of Tish’s committee, but other faculty senators made suggestions and contributed to the framing of the statement. The Faculty Senate needs to help chair know what’s happening, push issues up to the chair.
  • Susan Kirk: Kevin McDonald’s statement was good; can connect this statement to his; somehow join the statements.
  • Joel Hockensmith: we could provide a link to Kevin’s statement when we post this one. On the website, post Faculty Senate resolution text an also have a link to Kevin’s text.
  • No response, no objections; the resolution was passed by General Consent.

Report to the Faculty Senate presented by Ellen Bassett, Faculty Representative to the BOV

  • BOV meeting held March 4 and 5, 2021

  • On Thursday, March 4th, there was a half day Health System Board Meeting.  A lot of the meeting was in closed session. However, amongst the open sessions were:

    • Covid19 updates (we are all “seeing a light at the end of the tunnel” with the vaccine uptake). The university has done a particularly good job of ensuring equitable access to testing and vaccination. We have worked closely with the Blue Ridge Health District to ramp up vaccinations at the former “Big Lots”, now “Big Shots” building at Seminole Square. The health system is working on communications in order to overcome mistrust and vaccine hesitancy.

    • An update was provided related to the UVA Cancer Center. Michael E. Williams gave an overview of evolution of cancer treatment toward patient-specific, targeted treatment regimes, particularly cell therapy approaches.

    • Two active searches are underway (Dean SOM and Chief Ambulatory Officer). The searches are going well and they are confident.

  • Friday, March 5th was a full day for the Board with all the sub-committees reporting. A few highlights to report:

    • Buildings and Grounds: There were three action items for approval; all were approved subsequently during the Finance Committee session. These dealt with the UVA Hotel and Conference Center (at the Emmet-Ivy site); the Athletics Complex (which has an Olympics sports building and a football building plus extensive landscape improvements); and HVAC improvements for Lambeth Field Apartments. All were approved. The Office of the Architect has hired HKA Global to conduct a benchmarking study relative to the costs of our buildings. The report will look at cost drivers and benchmark UVA’s development costs in comparison to peer institutions.

    • The College at Wise: Chancellor Henry gave her report which covered items such as enrollment, tuition and fees, Covid19, and their early retirement program. A UVA Wise student, Madelyn Lawrence, gave an overview of her experience at Wise, as a student, a student-athlete, and a budding scientist. Suffice it to say, the individualized attention she received was transformative; she is going to be studying dentistry at VCU next fall. Prof. Priscilla Brame, the Faculty Consulting member to the Committee on the College at Wise, also spoke. She is a special education professor and was particularly excited about Wise’s close focus on students and student success.

    • The Finance Committee (and also President Ryan) presented information on the 2021 General Assembly and budget items. The budget includes ~$800,000 to support the expansion of the College at Wise’s nursing program to create a Family Nurse Practitioner Program that is being done in partnership with UVA’s School of Nursing. A representative of UVIMCO spoke about performance of university investments. Notably, 2 UVIMCO has set up a new 7-member advisory committee on ESG (environment, social, governance) aspects of investment. (The official name of the committee is “Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility.) Prof. Mike Lenox is the selected faculty representative. (I explicitly asked as to how they selected members; he was indicated as a natural representative due to his research interests and general expertise.)

    • The Advancement Committee presented the latest fundraising accomplishments. A number of significant gifts were made since the last meeting including an “unrestricted, quasi-endowment” to support the post-doctoral program at The Carter G. Woodson Institute. The was also an endowment to create a professorship in the name of Armstead L. Robinson. Mark Luellen conducted an informative interview with Mr. Greg Olson, a SEAS alumnus, who has made sustained gifts in the past, but most recently made a very large gift to the engineering school in honor of his doctoral advisor, William A. Jesser. Additionally, significant fundraising took place to support the Blue Ridge Scholars program, which brings PVCC students to UVA. Frank Friedman, the President of PVCC, spoke and underlined how this program assists with our diversity mission, not just by race and SES, but also age, gender, first gen and veterans’ status. The generous giving of Frank M. Sands to Darden was also announced. $68M. Yes--not a typo.

    • Academic and Student Life Committee: Two faculty spoke to illustrate how faculty adjusted to the demands of teaching in the time of Covid. The faculty members were Amanda Cowen, Commerce and Sarah Kucenas, Biology. They did very different things in the classroom – I suggest you watch the stream if you are interested in specifics! The Ph.D. in Data Science and the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science were approved.

    • The VP for Research (Melur K. “Ram” Ramasubramanian) presented; his presentation covered progress in research awards and funding as well as programs to foster more research. Three winners of the 2020 Research Awards were highlighted.

    • Mazzen Shalaby, the student representative, gave a final report as it was his last full meeting on the board. A good summation of a challenging year, as well as compelling representation of students’ perspectives and desired action items for the board. He was honored by a Board resolution. Joel Hockensmith, Chair of the FS, gave an update on FS business, including the recently completed election for the next BOV representative.

    • Both the Provost and the President spoke as usual providing updates on their activities, searches, etc. (In general, the updates to the BOV cover the same ground as the updates they make to us very regularly in the ExCo and Senate.)

  • If you wish to learn more about the meeting by watching it, UVA has a YouTube channel for the BOV.

Faculty Grievance: presented by Carol Manning

  • Since the update at this month’s EXCO meeting, there is a situation in mediation that we hope will not come to a full grievance.

Policy: presented by Peter Norton

  • No update; Peter Norton was not in attendance

RTS: represented by Kevin Lehmann and Bob Hirosky

  • They are working on preparing a statement on the draft that Joel gave on COI interest.

FRRRW: presented by Susan Modesitt

  • Working on childcare resources and ways faculty can reach them.

  • Request for more input from non-SOM faculty; committee is Medicine-heavy.

Finance: presented by Peter Hallowell

  • No update; Peter Hallowell was not in attendance


  • Susan Modesitt: StandPoint survey for SOM. Results: faculty loved UVA and their students but felt not as supported in other areas.

  • Maite Brandt-Pearce: Medicine in COACHE – she has reviewed the questions for both surveys, COACHE and StandPoint. How many other universities in their cohort have COACHE inclusion?

  • Aaron Bloomfield: Maite was transparent on how she went about putting together the committee, and in sharing the data results. Nothing hidden; all data available. Narrative comments not available publicly.

Ad Hoc committee on open access

  • A document was circulated.

  • EXCO asked that Joel take document and list the polar options; bring it back to EXCO for discussion. He is working on that document. Discussion planned for April around open access. Then take to the Full Faculty Senate to deliberate.

  • Kevin Lehmann: open access document has to do with the policy. Related but separate issue is about the change of the library going out of the deal and what that might mean for faculty and open access.

  • Joel Hockensmith: meet before EXCO meets to discuss.

  • Bob Hirosky: fees for public access publications in the thousands of dollars.

  • Ellen Bassett: thank you for tackling this issue; repository would be pre-publication version of the paper. Parts of the globe are at a disadvantage to get these open access materials.

  • Joel Hockensmith: document comes from another group in UVA, has been vetted by legal counsel and the provost.

No additional business. Meeting adjourned at 4:39pm