Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes March 29, 2023

Wednesday, March 29, 2023
8:00 -10:00am
Zoom Webinar

Senators Present (52): Peter Abramenko, Kim Acquaviva, Andy Block, Aaron Bloomfield, Aniko Bodroghkozy, Maite Brandt, Cathy Campbell, Ming-Jer Chen, Shu Chen, Matthew Chin, Lisa Colosi, John Comazzi, Todd DeLong, Katia Dianina, Jim Fitz-Gerald, Jay Fox, Avik Ghosh, Vanessa Gregg, Robert Hirosky, Jay Hirsh, Rich Hynes, Tish Jennings (Chair), Michael Kennedy (Chair Elect), Bradley Kesser, Susan Kirk (Past Chair), James Lambert, Adria LaViolette, Matthew Lazzara, Kevin Lehmann, Ted Lendon, Stephen Levine, Alicia Lopez, Stephen Macko, Katya Makarova, Alyssa Mixon, Kathryn Neeley, John O'Brien, Amy Ogden, Andrew Pennock, Paul Perrin, Dan Quinn, Anne Rotich, Sue Saliba, Patrik Sandas, James Savage, Jeri Seidman, Maria Luisa Sequeira-Lopez, Jaclyn Shepard, Sarah Stewart, Christopher Thom, Jeff Young, Victor Zaydfudim

Guests Present: Maïté Brandt-Pearce, Matthew Burgess, Penny Cabaniss, Alexis Ehrhardt, Dana German, Brie Gertler, Patti Pate, Dave Strite

Meeting Called to Order: 8:03 AM

Interfolio Presentation
Maïté Brandt-Pearce, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

  • Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Maïté Brandt-Pearce presented on Interfolio Faculty Search module which will be used at UVA for faculty searches. She shared the timeline and opportunities to engage. Launch will be July 15 (for any new searches). There will be a town hall on May 3rd.

Slides are available in Box.

Review and Approval of Minutes
Tish Jennings, Chair requests approval of the January 2023 Faculty Senate meeting minutes.

Nominating Committee Report
Susan Kirk, Committee Chair

  • Susan shared that there are positions that are still open and in need of nominees: Chair-Elect, 3 Exco seats, Parliamentarian

  • Bylaws require that there be two nominees for each empty Exco seat. Three seats will be empt. There are 4 current candidates (2 more are needed).

  • Those interested should reach out to Susan Kirk or members of the nominating committee: Michael Kennedy, June West, Aniko Bodroghkozy, Kevin Lehmann.

BOV Report
Susan Kirk, Faculty Representative to the Board of Visitors
Susan shared brief highlights from the most recent BOV meeting.
Building & Grounds

  • Biotech Institute, to be built at Fontaine Research Park, in front of 450 (currently surface lot). Raised parking garage will be added. Additional auxiliary structures added to support. Architect has been selected, plans are underway.

  • Zehmer Hall shed demolition

  • Townhomes at UVA Wise demolition

Susan shared that she has learned a lot about UVA Wise and would encourage those who are interested in visiting or learning more to reach out to their Faculty Representative. Wise is at record-levels of applicants, they are doing an excellent job at recruiting students.

Open Session
Susan shared that statements were made by the Rector and another Board member at a high level regarding the recent comments shared in the Washington Post.

The following faculty and student representatives were selected:
Faculty representative 2023-2024: Tish Jennings
Student representative 2023-2024: Lillian Rojas

Susan shared that she has strongly advocated for an alternate for the Faculty representative in the event that the representative must be absent.

Full minutes for the BOV are available online.

Committee Reports
AAC - Aaron Bloomfield, Committee Chair
Degree modification proposal to the Masters of Architecture

  • SCHEV requires approval of degree modifications by full Faculty Senate

  • Remove 1 year and 2.5 year path options

    • Have already stopped admission to those paths

  • This is the formal removal of those paths


Generative AI and Impact on Teaching
Andy Pennock, GenAI Task Force
Committee website:

  • Ways to engage with the committee:

    • Series of town halls

    • Survey (please share with facuty and students)

  • Andy demonstrated ChatGPT-4 and the various ways it may be used

  • Brie Getler shared that the Task Force will be putting together recommendations for guidance for faculty

    • They will also make recommendations on whether there should be University policy

State Relations
Penny Cabaniss and Alexis Ehrhardt, State Government Relations
Alexis and Penny shared a brief update on the most recent session. GA will reconvene April 12. Most legislation will become effective July 1.

  • Firearms legislation did not pass this year. Hoping to work with other institutions and legislators going forward.

  • GA did not come to agreement on amended FY budget, however there is a state FY24 budget in place.

  • Happy to work with Faculty Senate going forward.

    • Legislation is introduced in November.

    • Session begins in January.

    • Can keep Faculty Senate in the loop, offer opinions if Senate chooses to draft a resolution.

State government relations website.

Transition to Canvas, Non-Course Collab Sites
Matthew Burgess, Dana German, Brie Gertler, Patti Pate
The group shared updates on the transition to Canvas.

  • Beginning in Summer 2023, Collab will no longer receive new data from SIS.

    • Existing sites and information will remain available in Collab until December 2025.

  • A number of resources for support are available for faculty.

  • Initial focus has been on transitioning academic courses; currently in the process of evaluating what to do with other types of courses/sites in Collab and other platforms.

Slides are available in Box.

New Business
Tish Jennings, Chair
Tish highlighted two topics for future discussion/consideration:

  • Security concerns about WeChat and TikTok at the state level

  • Working group on gun violence in the community

Meeting Adjourned:
Motion to adjourn