Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes, November 17, 2023

November 17, 2023
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Senators Present: Aaron Bloomfield, Matthew Bolton, Bryon Gustafson, Natoya Haskins, Robert Hirosky, Tish Jennings, Jamie Jirout, Ann Kellams, Jason Kerrigan, James Lambert, Craig Lefanowicz, Alicia Lopez Opere, Stephen Macko, Amy Ogden, Paul Perrin, Susan Saliba, Jeri Seidman, David Vander Meulen, June West, Mark Whittle, Brian Williams, Brian Wright

Senators on Zoom:  Dana Albon, Lanice Avery, Cathy Campbell, Todd DeLong, Jason Druzgal, Maxim Engers, Juliet Hatchett,  Gustav Heldt, Rich Hynes, Matthew Jull, Jason Kerrigan, Charlotte Matthews, Charlotte Patterson, Andrew Pennock, Michael Rasbury, Sara Riggs, Patrik Sandas, Maria Luisa Sequeira Lopez, Jaclyn Shepard, Daniel Spitzner, Jeff Young, Victor Zaydfudim

Ex-Officio & Guests Present or on Zoom: Hamza Aziz, Catherine Bradshaw, Maite Brandt-Pearce, AJ Davidson, Brie Gertler, Jaideep Kapur, Karl K, Ryne Ackard, Thomas Pajewski

Michael Kennedy called the meeting to order at 2:03 PM.

Review and Approval of Minutes
Chair requests approval of meeting minutes from October 2023.
First:  Aaron Bloomfield
Second:  Tish Jennings
Vote:  All Approve
Result: Motion passes

New Business

Maite Brandt Pearce spoke about the 2024 COACHE Survey. It measures faculty job satisfaction and is administered by Harvard Graduate School of Education.  UVA participates every four years and benchmarks against peer institutions. Additionally, there are comparisons to UVA’s historical surveys. The survey will be open from mid-February to mid-April. IRA is the keeper of the data.

The University encourages faculty to take the survey as they have taken the 2020 results and put them into action.  Survey results showed compensation was an issue. UVA benchmarked with peers and did their own faculty salary study. Results showed lack of diversity was an area of concern, so the University has made it an inclusive excellence initiative, established the faculty excellence fund, mid-career fellows, and dual career program.

The survey results follow IRB principles and Maite wants faculty to know that any answers that are less than 5 individuals will not be provided as a subset so there’s no way to identify respondents. However, those answers are included in the survey results, so they are counted.

Michael Kennedy has been invited by Rector Hardie to attend the December BOV meeting to discuss “What do faculty do?” Michael has asked for faculty to create profiles with information about themselves and their work. He’s collecting from a variety of professors at different levels of tenure.

When asked what else the faculty would like him to include, the suggestions were: explaining how publishing is as big of a time commitment as teaching, adding a pie chart to each profile showing what percentage is teaching vs writing, research, service; show that the grant money pays for overhead and explain the 61.5% F&A rate, that service adds to reputation, maybe have a week calendar showing teaching time, research time, etc. Note that these activities change over the course of a career.

Academic Affairs Committee Co-chairs - Brian Wright and Sue Saliba presented the discontinuation of 4 Education Specialist degree programs and 1 graduate certificate:

Ed.S. in Counselor Education
Ed.S. in Special Education
Ed.S. in Higher Education
Ed.S. in Education Psychology
Graduate Certificate in Elementary Education

They explained that no one has been enrolled for several years.

Motioned to discontinue the programs and certificate: Tish Jennings
Second Jeri Seidman
All in favor.
Motion passes.

Tish Jennings spoke about the upcoming Faculty Senate Elections

The first position that needs to be filled is the faculty representative to the BOV. The deadline for nominees is the full senate meeting on December 8.  The election will be in January where each person will need to submit a 250-word statement.

In the Spring, elections for the Chair-elect, two at large exco members, Parliamentarian, representatives to the Virginia faculty senate, athletics advisory council, and the Colonnade club.

Please email Tish to nominate yourself or a colleague. There is information on the website about each position but also reach out to Michael, Jim, or Tish with any questions.

Elections are not covered in the bylaws and handbook so this should be a future agenda item.

Hamza Aziz, Chair of the Honor Committee came to discuss the changes to the Honor System

All UVA students pledge to never Lie, Cheat, or Steal.  Historically, the only punishment for a student found guilty was to be expelled.  The Committee felt like the focus should focus on Accountability, Restoration, and Growth so as of July 1, 2023, the Honor Committee moved to a multi sanction system.  Every case is reviewed by five honor committee representatives.  There are four possible outcomes if found guilty:

  1. Amends
  2. Education
  3. Temporary removal
  4. Permanent removal

Some of the possible outcomes could be to attend an ethics seminar or read a case study and write a paper on it. 
At any time, a student can admit guilt.  Hamza explained that the Honor Committee has tried to make these changes for several years.  Knowing expulsion was the only outcome affected the Honor Committee members.  They wanted students to learn from their mistakes and grow.

Michael Kennedy called for a subcommittee to create an action plan for the SDACs.  Cathy Campbell is interested in being part of that subcommittee.  Reach out to Michael if you are interested.

Catherine Bradshaw and Jaideep Kapur Co-chairs of the VPR Research along with AJ Davidson from ESG came to listen to the needs and wants of the faculty in searching for a new Vice President of Research. Senators suggested someone who can lead a high performing team and ensure a high level of trust to serve a diverse university community both internally and externally.  The person needs to be a good leader and talent scout.  They should have a good connection to industry, be a people person, someone who looks beyond money and sees people.  Someone suggested asking the candidate why they want the job. They will probably be giving up their own research to take the position.

The next full Faculty Senate meeting is December 8 at 2:00 in Halloway Hall, Room 116, of Bavaro Hall followed by a reception. 

Motion to adjourn Aaron Bloomfield
Seconded by Tish Jennings
Motion Passes
Meeting adjourned at 4:01 PM