Resolution Honoring President Teresa A. Sullivan

WHEREAS, Teresa A. Sullivan was elected by the University of Virginia Board of Visitors to become the University’s eighth President and first woman President; and

WHEREAS, President Sullivan has consistently and productively engaged the Faculty Senate and has been a champion of shared governance, raising faculty salaries, and improving funding for research; and

WHEREAS, President Sullivan assembled and supported a leadership team that promoted excellence in operations, academics, and healthcare, including the selection of Pat Hogan, Tom Katsouleas, and Rick Shannon; and

WHEREAS, President Sullivan led the completion of the $3 billion capital campaign and began preparations for a future capital campaign, promoted and participated in the University’s ongoing Bicentennial Celebration, and led the Third Century campaign that helped preserve and restore Thomas Jefferson’s Rotunda; and

WHEREAS, President Sullivan oversaw the creation and implementation of strategic plans for both the medical and academic divisions, led the development of a new financial model for the University, created the Organizational Excellence program which has resulted in substantial cost savings for the University, and played a critical role in developing the Strategic Investment Fund; and

WHEREAS, President Sullivan has advocated for continued support of diversity in all aspects, as evidenced by sustaining the AccessUVA program and her personal contributions to the program; and

WHEREAS, President Sullivan has publicly acknowledged the University’s use of enslaved people, has named University buildings in honor of enslaved people, and has created a Commission on Slavery to recognize and memorialize the contributions of enslaved people to the University; and

WHEREAS, President Sullivan has consistently and forcefully promoted academic research, excellence in teaching, and service to our professional and geographic communities; and

WHEREAS, President Sullivan has walked the walk by teaching academic classes in addition to fulfilling her duties as President; and

WHEREAS, President Sullivan has promoted Study Abroad and other international programs, has fostered the inclusion of international students into our community, and has established a permanent UVA presence in Shanghai; and

WHEREAS, President Sullivan has time and again displayed grace, dignity, courage, empathy, and caring in responding to numerous crises and challenges during her tenure; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of Virginia conveys its sincere gratitude to Teresa A. Sullivan for her dedicated service to the University, for her tireless support of faculty teaching, research, and participation in University governance, for her continuous promotion of the University of Virginia as one of the nation’s premier universities, and for her dedication to achieving excellence and affordability in public higher education.

                University of Virginia Faculty Senate
May 9, 2018

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Friday, August 10, 2018