Resolution in Support of Transgender People

The Faculty Senate affirms the November 1 statement from UVA’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights in support of our transgender and gender non-conforming community. As faculty, we are committed to providing students with an environment of equal opportunity and non-discrimination, and one that protects students on the basis of their affirmed gender. We will remain committed to this goal regardless of federal definitions of gender. Discrimination or harassment based on sex, gender, or gender identity prevents fair access to educational opportunities, and runs counter to our shared values of inclusion and respect.

We endorse current University efforts to create a gender inclusive environment, such as participation in International Pronouns Day. We encourage future efforts to educate faculty, students, administrators, and staff about issues relating to gender identity, and to create a supportive environment for transgender and gender non-conforming students through gender neutral bathrooms and gender-neutral language in applications and administrative materials.

Feature Date: 
Wednesday, December 11, 2019