Invitation to Mentor in USOAR

Dear faculty,

We are currently seeking faculty mentors for the Undergraduate Student Opportunities in Academic Research, or USOAR program. USOAR seeks to match undergraduate students with a paid research position funded by the Federal Work Study program and the Center for Undergraduate Excellence. Interested faculty members should read the information and guidelines below and complete a position description form by Monday, April 16th.


Comments by Faculty Senate Chair to UVA Board of Visitors

Hello, I’m Alf Weaver, Chair of the Faculty Senate. Thank you for the opportunity to update you concerning some of our recent activities. To respect your time, I’ll only mention the work of three of our eight committees.

Our Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for all issues pertaining to matters of curricular and academic program review, and is responsible for the Senate’s role in the creation and elimination of academic programs. Academic Affairs and our Executive Council have approved three program changes so far this year:


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